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Where Cattle become Beef with the respect they deserve!

Langside Meats members Pieter and Koot Prinsloo are established cattle ranchers in the Queenstown district of the Eastern Cape. Langside is audited and registered by SAMIC as Grass Fed Beef Producers under the GFASA protocols.

About Langside Meats

Langside Meats Terroir

We consider ourselves as nature’s partners! Our producers ranch their cattle in the upper reaches of the Black Kei River Basin around the town of Queenstown situated centrally in the Eastern Cape Province.

Langside Climate

Altitude 1500m.Summer rainfall of 500mm.The rainfall is marginal and erratic and the area is prone to years of low rainfall and drought. Winters are cold (min -8℃) and dry with heavy frosts occurring on most windless mornings. Summers are hot (max 40℃) with thunderstorms generally occurring during late afternoons. Humidity is low for most of the year except for brief periods after good rains. The extremes of this climate are exceptionally healthy for both cattle and people.

Langside Soil

Soils generally range from sandy (< 5% clay) to fairly high clay levels (>15%).Depth also varies and is greatest in valley bottoms. Soils are prone to erosion where grass cover is lacking and gradients cause excessive runoff. Large eroded dongas are common on most poorly managed farms. Soils have an alkaline pH and are not badly leached with high levels of nutrients i.e. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Limestone (Ca CO3) deposits are frequently visible on the surface. These high levels of nutrients nourish and make the grass very palatable and farmers refer to it as sweetveld. Phosphate is lacking in all areas. Trace elements are also well supplied (except Zinc) with an abundance of Iron. Weathered ironstone can be seen everywhere on koppies and mountain slopes. The stones are red in colour from oxidised Iron on them (rust).


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Pieter has been involved in Organised Agriculture for a long time and is a visionary when it comes to innovative ideas. His passion is to shorten the value chain and create more value for the farmer/supplier. He also believes in the "corporate" approach to business and strives to involve other like minded producers to ensure a sustainable supply and sharing the benefit with fellow farmers. For a long time the farmer/producer of agricultural products has been in the background where intermediaries were left to process, market and sell their product. He believes that the farmer himself must get involved and take responsibility for his product. Beef in South Africa must be seen as a niche product and not a commodity and treated with the respect it deserves. He proposes consumers to educate themselves so they can consciously source meat with the correct knowledge, see the difference in quality and buy with a clear mind and traceable surety. He has also been in the forefront in finding like minded butchers/retailers that share the same vision.


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Company Secretary

Marietha has always been involved with the family business and is the one in the office who sees that things happen, she is the central hub of communications. Based in the office at Langside she is always available to handle queries and direct instructions to who ever must do what. As a big advocate of the LCHF lifestyle, she is the driving force behind Langside Meats produce and keeps all the processes in check. Being a avid home cook, she lives out her passion in the kitchen with a unique cooking style. Her passion for utilizing beef forequarter is unprecedented. Her motto is every cooking experience should be a "red lip" moment.


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General Manager

Koot, with a background in accounting manages the operation hands on. With a passion for natural meat production from the farm to the consumer table. Taking our production systems back to before the factory farm and reinventing the ideal natural grazing of animals to the modern world. He is very aware of the environment and lives buy the motto, "Eat less meat, but eat PROPER meat"! Educating consumers to utilize the whole animal from nose to tail as apposed to only sticking to primal cuts is very high on his priority list. Having a special interest in slow cooking meat to perfection and a healthy interest in beef charcuterie he knows what it takes to present and compliment beef served as a dish. His phone is the busiest of all and he is always busy sourcing the right animals, pricing between producers and retailers, orders and logistics. He is the man to speak to if you want to place orders.


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Lindrie is the backbone of the operation. As a professional accountant, she does the dirty work of managing funds so the rest of the team can live out the philosophies without going bust. If you are in arrears with your payments you will have to bear the brunt from her. It is such a privilege for the family to have her as part of the operation and the financial institutions we partner with are equally happy. A professionally minded person who is a workaholic and can be asked to do anything at any time of the day or night. Lindrie is the one who handles the finances and she is the one to contact for orders and terms.


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Farmer Jnr

The latest addition to the family who's first word was "Moo" pointing at cattle. Being only a year old, growing up in offices surrounded by "Beef Talk", being given Agricultural magazines to page through to keep him busy, he is destined to become the next generation beef supplier. He gives meaning to the work the team does by justifying the hard work and healthy habits we advocate just by seeing his natural development in a sometimes artificial society.


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Brand Ambassador

Helené is the only Prinsloo not part of the family business, but that is only because she lives in Cape Town. She is a professional bookworm and proud brand ambassador.

About Langside Meats

Why Cattle became Beef with the respect they deserve

Where did our Journey Begin?

How and where did our journey begin?
The vision of marketing our animals straight off the farm came to reality when Pieter noticed that the price for quality Veld Reared animals did not justify the effort. The natural production of fat animals with no artificial supplements or high energy diets was busy going extinct as the rushed world we live in just demanded animals to be fattened as quick and cheap as possible, no matter the quality of the product.

To be able to sustain the natural production systems present in the Queenstown area for years, Pieter took it on himself to start looking for like minded Butchers who is willing to pay a premium to farmers to encourage them not to follow the crowd and to share this special product with educated consumers. In May 2015 we sent our first shipment to Cape Town and the results where mind blowing. We knew little of the benefits of a veld reared animal at the time as research was in the infant stage world wide, with the help of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, it soon became apparent that the cattle produced in a natural environment, grazing on untamed veld, had a number of exceptional benefits. Our natural sweet-veld environment turned out to be the perfect type of grazing to produce an animal with superior taste and great nutritional values.

Once the ball got rolling, Koot started to share in Pieter's excitement and with continuous research, the ambition of a visionary, became the passion of a whole family, eager to promote and share Beef as it should be with as many like minded consumers willing to see the benefits.

It soon became apparent that in order to create a good market and negotiate a premium to the producers, sustainable supply was key. Grass fed beef is mostly seasonal as we depend on rain in order to get animals fat, but the greater Queenstown area is one of very few places in our country where, if managed correctly, we can have fat animals all year round, our high topography and cold winters make it a relatively parasite free area too, so we do not have to use routine antibiotics to block animals from parasite based illnesses. We partnered up with selected farmers in our area and had the Grass Fed Association of South Africa certify our farms so we can substantiate our claims. SAMIC audits the farms and makes sure we are accountable and honest in the product we produce. With other producers involved and some good planning, we where able to slaughter for 52 weeks of the year and guarantee a steady supply of grass fed/veld reared beef through out the year.

Then the fun began. With the support of farmers and a shorter value chain we could start looking to expand our exposure and start educating consumers. In order to maintain accountability and expand operations vertically, we started realizing the need for regenerative farming. Alan Savoury from the Savoury Institute is a leader in this front and have compelling studies to show that grazing cattle in a holistic manner can contribute to the recovery of the natural environment, with the added benefit of grazing more animals per hectare of natural grazing. Our average LSU (large stock unit) is 1 Neat (singular for cattle) on 6 hectares, that is equivalent to 12 rugby fields, per year. Without changing the diets of the animals and only correcting their grazing habits, we can significantly improve that with the added benefit of restoring carbon intake of the veld.

We then started investigating the health benefits of cattle being produced naturally and it astonished us. With higher amounts of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Omega 3 present in the meat and trace elements and vitamins in higher concentrations, we where surprised to see that the nutty, rich taste of the product made indulging on Grassfed beef not only amazing, but healthy too. What started as a passion for Farming, turned into a philosophy on what to eat and where it comes from. We strive on turning cattle to beef with the respect they deserve and to acknowledge that ruminants like cattle was put on this earth to turn inedible foods like grass into a healthy and nutritious protein source for humans. Not to misuse, but to cherish the product in the manner it was intended to be done.


Our Traceability solution is now up and running at Jackson's Real Food Market.


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Where Cattle become Beef with the respect they deserve

Experience the difference

The attraction of good, grass fed-beef is its health benefits and wonderful, farm fresh quality. Quite simply veld reared beef is the healthier option and it tastes superb! We produce healthy beef as there are absolutely no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones given to our cattle, and no preservatives in the beef, which produces healthier, better-tasting beef. Our beef has the right balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and vitamin E

We conserve our precious environment

We conserve our natural environment as our most important non-negotiable priority and promote this at every available opportunity! Extensive grassy planes, interspersed with Acacia trees offers an ideal, natural habitat for cattle. This sweet veld is of an excellent quality to fatten the herds, with a high nutrient content from a large variety of grass types, excellent for beef production. It enables Langside Meats to run their herds purely off the veld, without having to give them extra feed to keep up their condition, even in the dry years.


US Woordfees 2019

Ons is die storie agter van die kos wat jy elke dag eet? Kom proe saam met die befaamde sjef Bertus Basson en die Veldvleis-vereniging van Suid-Afrika hoe die verskillende maniere waarop ons kos produseer en verwerk, unieke smake skep.


Make sure about your own Beef

The Journey to your Table Starts with a set of Beliefs

We believe that traceability is the backbone of sustainability. We will continue our work to trace each of your purchases back to its source - allowing you to see what happens during the journey to your table.